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By Edwin Hewitt, Kenneth A. Ross

This publication is a continuation of quantity I of an analogous name [Grund­ lehren der mathematischen Wissenschaften, Band one hundred fifteen ]. We continually 1 1. The textbook actual and cite definitions and effects from quantity summary research via E. HEWITT and ok. R. STROMBERG [Berlin · Gottin­ gen ·Heidelberg: Springer-Verlag 1965], which seemed among the booklet of the 2 volumes of this paintings, includes many regular evidence from research. We use this ebook as a handy reference for such proof, and denote it within the textual content by means of RAAA. so much readers may have basically occasional desire truly to learn in RAAA. Our objective during this quantity is to provide crucial elements of harmonic research on compact teams and on in the neighborhood compact Abelian teams. We take care of normal in the neighborhood compact teams in basic terms the place they're the usual atmosphere for what we're contemplating, or the place one or one other staff offers an invaluable counterexample. Readers who're merely in compact teams may possibly learn as follows: § 27, Appendix D, §§ 28-30 [omitting subheads (30.6)-(30.60)ifdesired], (31.22)-(31.25), §§ 32, 34-38, forty four. Readers who're in simple terms in in the community compact Abelian teams might learn as follows: §§ 31-33, 39-42, chosen Mis­ cellaneous Theorems and Examples in §§34-38. For all readers, § forty three is fascinating yet non-compulsory. evidently we've not been capable of disguise all of harmonic analysis.

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61). Plainly we can regard H 0 as a linear subspace of H, and H 0 is closed in H since H 0 is complete. ). Then x ~ Yx is a continuous unitary representation of G that is an extension of v . 47) Remarks. 4). The complication referred to above is that a continuous character of a closed subgroup G0 of a compact Abelian group G can always be extended to a continuous character of G. 45) permits] if G is Abelian. (b) Let G be any non-Abelian locally compact group. Then there is a proper closed Abelian subgroup G0 of G that is either compact or topologically isomorphic with Z such that no character X =t= 1 on G0 can be extended to a character of G, continuous or not.

The mapping I~ 7icp cp = w(f) is a homomorphism of ®, onto the multiplicative group {1, -1 }. It is plain that w ((p q)) = -1 for transpositions (p q) and that w (f) = 1 if and only if f is the product of an even number of transpositions. The subgroup {/E ®, : w (/) = 1} is called the alternating group on n letters ... 60) Some representations of subgroups of en. ,, define the relation pi"Jq for p, qE{1, 2, ... , n}, to mean that there is an /E ® such that f (p) = q. This relation is plainly an equivalence relation, and the pairwise disjoint nonvoid subsets 01, 02, ...

For each /E ®, define A1 to be the linear operator on H such that A1(C;) =Cw> for all iE{1, 2, ... , n}. The mapping t~A 1 is a unitary representation of ®, which we call a self-representation of @. }, of course, but any two self-representations are equivalent. The number y(/) is equal to the character XA(f). (d) The self-representation A of ® contains the identity representation m times. ] (e) If ® is 2-fold transitive, then the self-representation A of@ has exactly two irreducible components.

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