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By Hartman, E.F.; Sandia National Laboratories.; United States. Dept. of Energy.; United States. Dept. of Energy. Office of Scientific and Technical Information

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The voltage levels (0 or -20 V) from the triggers T 1-T 6 are applied to the resistances while the potentials (again, 0 or -20 V) corresponding to the reciprocal code of the drum angle of rotation are applied to R~-R~. •• R 6 -R~. This will happen if when 0 occurs at one end of these "weights", -20 V occurs at the other end, or vice versa. The potential of the common point of the resistances is reproduced by an emitter follower and transmitted to two assemblies per digital position of two diodes each.

Shtranikh, V. N. Bochkarev, A. N. Volkov, V. M. M. Klabukov, V. V. M. Shimanskii [Shimansky], Internat. Symp. Nuclear Electronics, Paris (196 3) ' p. 58 7 . SUBSYSTEM FOR READOUT OF THE INSTANTANEOUS VALUES OF THE TIME CODE V. V. Puzanov and I. V. Shtranikh In multichannel time-base spectrometers, which normally operate in the off-duty mode, the access time to main memory becomes important. If this time is greater than the channel on-time, distortions can occur in the registered spectrum (1]. Moreover, such systems require special circuit strategies in order for the counting circuits to be able to "catch up" in the time allotted to writing in the given channel.

V. SHTRANIKH A point raster of 128 x 14 points is continuously regenerated on the monitor screen. Each point of the raster corresponds to a definite time-position (digital place of the number from a given channel) on the monitor track of the drum. The brightness of the point, on the other hand, indicates the presence of information in the given digital position (of 14 positions) of the given channel (of 128 channels). When the tip of the light pen is applied to any point of the raster, a signal is generated, which on command from the operator causes either missing information to be written in or superfluous or erroneous information to be erased.

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