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F. tends to tricity; that is, TT 2 = 2 IO produce a flow of tends to produce current. A elec- current of 1 ALTERNATING CURRENT ENGINEERING. 8 electricity is the point of unit is which, an amount of electricity passing a given electric circuit in called an ampere. a second. An ampere in flowing in a straight Its practical is that current conductor of length, will exert a force of -fj of a situated i cm. from the wire. infinite dyne on a unit pole Another definition of the same thing is, that current which in an air magnetic circuit i cm.

S and currents. SELF-INDUCTION. ; that is, a current varying from instant to instant. lines of each of force exist in proportion to the current, at different current values there is a different its value of the lines of force. f. is of current. f. There- an electro- by varying the produced, tending to stop the This characteristic is designated In any circuit to self-induction. maximum flux amperes X L in itself of fact, the coefficient of self-induction This value in a circuit of vary- produces As a matter motive force.

The relation governing the flow of continuous will flow current in circuits called is OHM'S LAW. It is as follows I = Tf / If - : = i jz sistance, and is Rj as calculated, called an will in volt, the re- the unit of resistance, therefore, is electric circuit allow that re- an am- under the action of one con- pere of current to flow tinuous volt. is An ohm, an ohm. which sistance E=i amp. and This resistance is a constant, in a given material, except for the effect of heat. INCREASE OF RESISTANCE BY HEAT.

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