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At left, a cheap carbon-zinc battery; at right, a 12V alkaline burglar-alarm battery. See text for additional details. In an alkaline cell, the negative electrode is made of zinc powder, the positive electrode is manganese dioxide, and the electrolyte is potassium hydroxide. An alkaline cell may provide between three to five times the power capacity of an equal size of zinc-carbon cell and is less susceptible to voltage drop during the discharge cycle. Extremely long shelf life is necessary in some military applications.

Chapter 2 11 Values power > source > battery The Peukert number (named after its German originator in 1897) is a fudge factor to obtain a more realistic value for T at higher currents. If n is the Peukert number for a particular battery, then the previous formula can be modified thus: T = Ah / In Manufacturers usually (but not always) supply Peukert’s number in their specification for a battery. 2 (which is typical for lead-acid batteries), and I=5 (in other words, we want to know for how long a time, T, the battery can deliver 5 amps): Peukert’s formula is still being used, and the performance of many batteries is being evaluated incorrectly.

See “DIP” on page 43. enough to enclose the pins completely. The red one contains two sockets spaced 2mm and may allow the tips of the pins to emerge from its opposite end. 1” apart. There is no standardized schematic symbol to represent a jumper. 1” or 2mm apart. The sockets are connected electrically inside the tab, so that when they are pushed over two (or more) pins that have been installed on a circuit board for this purpose, the jumper shorts the pins together. 025” square and are often part of a header that is soldered into the board.

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