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He is concerned (1) with the world food crisis, (2) with the obligation Americans have to help solve that crisis, and (3) with the need for Americans more fully to utilize their food re­ sources, including ones of animal origin; and he is distressed with what he regards as a culinary decline in the United States starting in the 1930s, involving a signifi­ cant narrowing in the range of flesh foods utilized. His monograph is an attempt to impart an appreciation for animal products that are now wasted or under­ utilized by humans.

Spanish exploitation, with its feral husbandry, and the British traditionalism, with its self-sufficient pioneer, combined on the North American continent to produce a livestock agriculture second to none. The development of breeds of livestock by the British were utilized by developing countries such as the United States to meet the needs of the Industrial Revolution. The growth of the middle class encouraged choice of food, and the food supply revolution was produced by preservation innovations; the railroads let this choice be exercised.

1981). " Univ. of California Press, Berkeley, Los Angeles, and London. Majumder, S. K. (1972). Vegetarianism: Fad, faith, or fact. Am. Sei. 60, 175-179. , Stevens, F. , Phelan, J. , Fottrell, P. , and McCarthy, C. F. (1981). History, genetics and natural history of celiac disease-gluten enteropathy. In "Food, Nutrition, and Human Evolution" (D. Walcher and N. ), pp. 169-177. Masson, New York and Paris. Mitchell, J. , and Halbisch, J. (1977). Weight-gain inhibition by lactose in Australian Aboriginal children.

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