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By Thomas M. Santella

In recent times, as activities figures have persevered to wreck documents and seize the general public highlight, information has usually fascinated with the query of no matter if convinced athletes use physique enhancement medicinal drugs, akin to anabolic steroids or perhaps over the counter supplementations, to attempt to spice up their functionality. This ebook explores the numerous different types of physique enhancement medications at present on hand either legally and illegally — and the risks each one offers to the consumer.

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When EPO is injected, the body loses control of red blood cell production completely. As a result, the blood may become much thicker with EPO than with autologous or homologous doping. The effects of this thickening are the same as they are for infusion but are considered even more perilous because of the lack of control. High-Altitude Training The final and most benign form of blood doping is highaltitude training. As the name suggests, some athletes train at high altitudes in order to gain a competitive advantage.

EFFECTS AMONG WOMEN Testosterone and its counterpart, the female hormone estrogen, are responsible in many ways for determining the sex differences between men and women. As a result, women who take synthetic forms of testosterone develop various male characteristics 43 44 BODY ENHANCEMENT PRODUCTS such as hair growth and a deepening of the voice. These side effects are permanent. In addition, many of the same effects that occur in men occur in women—such as increased aggressiveness and acne. The long-term effects of AAS among women are believed to be the same as for men.

Different forms of testosterone result from varying attached compounds. controls the production of testosterone. In males, the testes are primarily responsible for actually making the hormone. Normally, the pituitary gland senses the level of testosterone in the body and makes adjustments accordingly, in a negative feedback mechanism. 2). 2 The production of testosterone in males takes place in the testes (ovaries in females) and is critical in determining the development of many of the body’s functions.

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