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By Eugenio E. Muller, Giuseppe Nistico

Mind Messengers and the Pituitary

summary: mind Messengers and the Pituitary

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Depicte d ar e als o the mesocortica l dopaminergi c projections . Shade d area s indicat e regionso f D A terminals . [Modifie d fro m Fux e et al. (1985). ,1985) . Som eD Acel lbodie swithi nth elatera lpar to fth e ventraltegmenta lare a(grou pA10 )contribut efiber san dterminal st oth eD A innervationo fth eanteromedia lpar to fth ecaudate-putamen . caudatu san dputamen . Neurotensin-LIimmunoreactivit yha sals obee nshow nt oexis ti nanothe rsub ­ groupo fA1 0D Anerv ecel lbodies ,indicatin gtha tsignifican tbiochemica l heterogeneitiesexis ti nth egrou pA1 0are ai nadditio nt otopologica ldifferences .

PI , phosphoinositides; PGs , prostaglandins . ,1984 ;Gilman ,1986) . Per ­ tussistoxin ,on eo fth etoxin sproduce db y Bordetella pertussis,inactivate sth e Giprotei n(Ui ,1984) ,thu sblockin gth eabilit yo fman yreceptor s ^-adrenocep ­ tors,muscarinic , SS , Aladenosine ,dopamine ,opioid ,prostaglandin ,an dvas - II. 4 Propose d mode lo f th e couplin g betwee n stimulator y o r inhibitor y receptors an d th e adenylat e cyclase-cAM P pathway . Th e initia l step involve s bindin g o f th e neurotransmitte r t o it s specifi c membrane receptors .

Th eD Asyste mwithi nth eretin ai slargel ycom ­ posedo famacrin ecell slocate di nth einne rnuclea rlayer ,modulatin gretina l functionsvi aloca ldendriti cprojections . D. dorsomedialis ,an dretrochiasmati carea . A mor edetaile daccoun to fth edistributio no fN E IV. 2 )i sfoun di nMoor ean d Card(1984) . dorsomediali shypothalam ipar smedialis . D Aitsel fi srelease dfro mth emedia lpalisad e zone(MPZ )o fth eM Ea sa prolacti n(Prl)-inhibitin gfacto r(PIF) ,whic hinhibit s secretiono fPr lvi aactivatio no fa D 2recepto rlocate do nth ePrl-secretin gcell s (seeChapte r 5 ,Sectio n III,C,1) .

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