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Crop Associations In organic agriculture, certain crop species are often associated with others (such as insects) that are beneficial to them. For example, some species provide nutrients that the associated crops need. Others produce repellents against specific pests. The illustration shows the yield of different areas of a cornfield. Using information provided by GPS, the farmer can make the necessary adjustments to maximize the yield throughout the cornfield. Biological Control In addition to crop associations, insects that eat crop pests are used.

320 du CHLOROFLUOROCARBONS (CFCs) 285 du 220 du (hole) First created in the 1930s, CFCs are derived from hydrocarbons in which hydrogen atoms are replaced by atoms of fluorine and chlorine. For many years they were ideal for use as refrigerants, fire-extinguishing agents, and aerosol propellants because of their low toxicity and their physical and chemical stability. It was subsequently discovered, however, that they are very destructive to the ozone layer. THE PROCESS ClCl Cl Cl F The ozone filters most of the ultraviolet B radiation (UVB) from the Sun and converts the radiation into heat.

The nearest town is Longyearbyen, with 2,000 inhabitants. The North Pole is only 696 miles (1,120 km) from the site.

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