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By David A. Pharies

This monograph is ready the semiotics of lexical indicators, and is of specific curiosity for old linguists, specifically these attracted to etymology. experts in linguistic switch have lengthy spotted that definite sessions of phrases appear to be partly exempt from commonplace styles of sound swap, or maybe prone to endure strange analogical shifts. the matter is way worse for the etymologist, because the lexicon of each language includes a few enormous quantities of semiotically complicated vocables which needs to, if the etymological dictionaries are ever to be accomplished, be defined someway. constantly been struck by means of the sheer capriciousness of etymologies within which a few type of strange form-meaning family are concerned, the writer, with the aid of C.S. Peirce, presents solutions to an important questions in his seek to make feel of these capricious etymologies.

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A triad grounded in resemblance between th e sig n an d it s object , a s in icons , is degenerat e i n th e secon d degree, because sinc e a thin g ha s whateve r qualitie s i t ha s independen t o f anythin g i t might b e relate d to , th e iconi c tria d ca n b e broke n dow n int o thre e singula r facts, tw o o f which , becaus e o f thei r resemblance , th e min d form s int o a dyad. A tria d i s genuin e onl y i f 'it s thre e member s ar e boun d togethe r . . i n a way that doe s no t consis t i n an y complexu s o f dyadi c relations.

E . th e recognitio n tha t huma n being s ma y b e wron g about anythin g whatever . H e sa w thi s attitud e a s a necessar y ingredien t i n th e learnin g process. 13 . 13 Edwar d C . Moor e (1968 ) ha s found othe r indication s fro m moder n scienc e tha t generali ty ma y indee d b e th e ultimat e natur e o f things . He cites , for example , Lorentz ' observa - PEIRCE AN D TH E LINGUISTI C SIG N 2 9 tion tha t th e lengt h o f a n objec t varie s wit h it s velocity relativ e t o th e observer , an d fro m biology, th e fac t tha t a certai n specie s o f minno w tha t i s normall y two-eye d develop s a single cyclopea n ey e when th e amoun t o f magnesiu m chlorid e i n it s water i s excessive.

I f Saussur e is right, then, it will be the cas e that ther e will exist no external reason or consideration - n o rrasonabl e justification - fo r th e pairin g o f a particula r linguisti c sig n wit h a particula r object. An importan t concomitan t consideratio n i s this : Whil e al l arbitrar y sign object relation s necessaril y exis t b y reaso n o f communa l agreemen t o r conven tion (otherwis e suc h relation s coul d no t exist) , not al l nonarbitrar y sign-objec t relations ar e necessarily nonconventional , sinc e nonarbitrary dyad s may become CONVENTIONALIZED.

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