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By C. Carr

This booklet offers an summary of the chemistry of the textiles with emphasis on sensible facets of the topic. The impression of cloth processing at the setting and the improvement of environmentally pleasant processing can also be mentioned

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Molecular extent. 17). The measurement scale for this parameter would range from near zero for a tightly coiled molecule, to unity for a fully-extended one. The distinction between extent and orientation must be preserved. 18 illustrates that it is possible to combine high orientation and low extent on the one hand, or low orientation and high extent on the other. 16 Representation of fibre structure parameters on a three-dimensional plot (after Morton and Hearle, 1975). Approximate location: 1, wool and hair; 2, silk; 3, cotton; 4, polyesters; 5, polyamides; 6, linear polyethylene; 7, acrylic; 8, viscose.

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