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Number of llamas brought to Potosí by mita laborers from Carangas, 1801 61 12. Number of actual mita laborers and labor commutations by ingenio, Potosí, ca. 1801-2 65 13. Number of actual mita laborers and labor commutations by province of origin, Potosí, ca. 1801 66 14. Annual silver exchange, Potosí, 1759-1820 93 15. Production and market value of silver, Potosí, 1751-1810 116 16. Values of ingenios with mita assignments, Potosí, 1793 128 17. Number of grinding mills in production units with mita assignments, Potosí, 1692-1799 130 18.

This decade marked the beginning of a new expansion of the European economy. 37 This combination of factors resulted in a large quantity of imported products and low prices, as the strong purchasing power of silver continued through the 1730s (see Table 1). In addition to European demand, several other factors converged that explain the increase in registered silver production in Potosí during the 1730s (see Table 1). A Royal Cédula of 19 December 1731 charged the Viceroy with increasing Potosí's silver production.

Holtby of the University of New Mexico Press is all that an author could wish for in an editor. Finally, I hope that the book's dedication can express my greatest debt. Page 1 1 The Resurgence of Silver Production Silver Production in Potosí The silver mines of Potosí have been synonymous with great riches from the time of their discovery in 1545 until today, when the application of new technologies presents the potential for renewed mineral exploitation. 3 However, this bonanza was followed by rapid exhaustion of the deposits and an inexorable decline in production during the entire seventeenth century and, probably, the first third of the eighteenth.

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