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By England) Comadem 200 (2001 Manchester, Raj B. K. N. Rao

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However, one relevant mechanisms by which light partial rubbing can escalate into more serious vibration within large-rotating machinery is highlighted here. This involves a partial rub contact occurring periodically at a constant shaft location. Such 'once per revolution' partial rubbing induces an increase in friction and a differential heat gradient upon the shaft, leading to a local thermal expansion that causes the shaft to bow. This thermallyinduced bending adds to the imbalance of the rotor and increases the synchronous vibration which in turn, results in stronger rubbing and heating, so that the vibration escalates and this can eventually cause damage to the rotor.

Although it would be wrong to suggest that the monitoring system described here has total immunity to such noise we are confident that it is applicable in the majority of industrial uses for which it will be required. We further note that the measurements described were all spot readings (ie single measurements) and it is self evident that the use of more averaging over longer time periods would give a further improvement in signal to noise ratio. Different signal characterisations are likely to be of greater or lesser importance for different fault modes.

Poolev III Steven R. Murray Amtec Corporation 500 Wynn Drive, Suite 314 Huntsville, AL 35816 ABSTRACT: Machinery Diagnostics are performed under conditions of extraneous noise and linear/non-linear coupling from internal/external sources, which are the underlying causes of misdiagnoses in machinery health diagnostics. The consequence of these misdiagnoses is False Alarms and False Safes, which derive the candidate diagnostic system's cost impact. The optimal cost effectiveness of each candidate diagnostic system is achieved by minimizing misdiagnosis.

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