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Four different experimental conditions were run, each involving a different possible outcome following the decision. In one condition the subject was definitely to receive the chosen alternative and nothing more; in another condition she had an equal chance of receiving the chosen alternative or receiving nothing; a third condition provided an equal chance of receiving only the chosen alternative or receiving both; and a fourth condition provided equal chances of nothing, the chosen alternative, or both alternatives.

An experiment designed to fulfill these requirements is reported below by Davidson. Experiment Cognitive Familiarity and Dissonance Reduction Jon R. Davidson This experiment is an attempt to test directly a hypothesis concerning the contribution that pre-decision processes may make to post-decision dissonance reduction.

These results, while fortunately persuasive with respect to the theoretical issue The difference between conflict and dissonance that was under consideration, are also rather surprising. They certainly show that systematic re-evaluation of the alternatives did not occur before the decision was made, but they also show quite conclusively that the mere fact of having made a decision is not sufficient to cause dissonance-reduction processes to begin. Let us consider the high-conflict condition to see what is implied by this result.

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