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In this reference, the writer completely stories the present nation of condensed phosphate chemistry. a distinct function of this quantity is an exam of the hot advancements in X-ray structural recommendations, reporting on basic effects bought via their use. superior by means of finished tables reporting crystal information, chapters determine and signify greater than 2,000 compounds. extra good points comprise a concise survey of the old improvement of condensed phosphate chemistry; the almost immediately permitted class procedure; a evaluate of every family members of condensed phosphates and masses more.

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201 The corresponding cobalt salt is isotypic. (xii) Cadmium Salts CdNa 2P20 7·4H 20. This salt was characterized as a crystalline material by Selivanova et a/. 209 during a study of the Cd2P20 7-Na4P20 7-H20 system at 298 K. Some properties of this salt were reported by the authors. 36 Chapter 2 CdK 2P 20 7 and CdK 2P20T4H 20. The chemical preparations and crystal data for CdK2P20 7 and its tetrahydrate were reported by Averbuch-Pouchot. 210 In spite of a strong similarity in their unit-cell dimensions, CaK2P20 7 and CdK 2P20 7 are not isotypic.

ZnH 2P20 7. The chemical preparation of ZnH 2P20 7 and crystal data for this salt reported by Averbuch-Pouchot. 131 Ca 2P20 7 and CaH 2P20 7• The anhfdrous salt is trimorphous. The crystal structure of the a form was determined by Calvo. 1 2 The atomic arrangement is closely related to that of a-Sr2P20 7 although the latter has orthorhombic symmetry. The unit-cell dimensions and space group for P-Ca2P20 7 were first reported by Corbridge,56 and the crystal structure determined by Webb. 133 The latter author prepared P-Ca2P20 7 using CaHP04 · 2H 20 as starting material.

0/igophosphates 33 Ca 3 (NH 4 ) 4 H6(P 20 7) 4·3H 20. This salt is very soluble in water transforming slowly into CaNH4HP20 7 . (iv) Other Calcium Salts CaRb 2P 20 7 and CaCs 2P20 7• Lyutsko et al. 188 prepared the rubidium and cesium salts and found them to be isotypic with the previously described potassium salt. Samples were simply prepared by heating a mixture of CaH 2P20 7 and M1N0 3 at l 073 K. IR spectra were presented by the authors. (v) Strontium and Barium Salts SrK 2P20 7, SrRb 2P 20 7, and SrCs2P20 7.

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