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Heading off the sensationalism and politicizing that frequently accompany books on terrorism, Byman examines terrorist teams from the PLO to Al Qaeda to the Tamil Tigers and explains relationships among states and terrorist businesses, delivering a fertile dialogue floor for the way to continue opposed to either terrorism and the nations that manage terrorist companies for his or her personal reasons. States use terrorism as a multifaceted instrument, frequently to maintain political and monetary effect, and their patronage comprises sanctuary, provides, logistics, or, as is the case with Iran and Hizbollah, ideological aid. the continued clashes over Kashmir exhibits how one country-Pakistan-uses terrorism to struggle a proxy battle opposed to India, a rustic it should most probably now not are looking to confront in a traditional conflict. within the wake of the post-September eleven alliance among the USA and Pakistan, Kashmiri insurgents are tolerated in small doses so the govt. can steer clear of showing as though it really is capitulating to U.S. strain. Such muddied occasions make it most unlikely, in line with the writer, to boost a unmarried approach opposed to terrorism. the writer makes use of Libya for example of the way a rustic can, over the years (in Libya's case, over 30 years), fold to varied strategies and exterior pressures to renounce terrorist connections. whereas the ebook solutions a couple of questions on why states sponsor terror, it asks simply as many approximately tips on how to successfully sever the binds among the 2 events.

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For most terrorists, such a broad mantle is bogus: they often enjoy little support from the community for which they claim to speak. Other terrorist groups, however, are exceptionally popular among a broad community. Fatah and other Palestinian groups were widely lauded in the Arab world, as is the Lebanese Hizballah to this day. States may try to bask in this reflected glory to gain more prestige that in turn enhances their domestic and geopolitical power. 35 44 See Kerr, The Arab Cold War; Aburish, Nasser: The Last Arab, and Jankowski, Nasser’s Egypt, Arab Nationalism, and the United Arab Republic for a review of Nasser’s influence and its limits.

12 Similarly, Havana shelters several Basque Homeland and Liberty (ETA) fugitives, but Spain no longer actively seeks their extradition. The State Department notes that North Korea has not been linked to an act of international terrorism since 1987. 13 A sixth caveat is the linkage between state support for an insurgency and state support for terrorism. The two phenomena are linked and overlap considerably. At times, however, the group in question may use primarily guerrilla tactics, and the state in question may support it for that reason – not because it uses violence against non-combatants.

Third, the impact of sponsorship varied considerably across these states. 17 Fourth, these cases capture three key types of state sponsors – strong, weak, and antagonistic – and thus highlight the many faces of this phenomenon. As Chapter 4 describes, for many years the Islamic Republic of Iran has been the world’s most active sponsor of terrorist groups. Its relationship was and remains particularly close with the Lebanese Hizballah, one of the world’s most formidable guerrilla and terrorist groups.

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