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By Brian Holdsworth, Clive Woods

New, up to date and extended themes within the fourth version contain: EBCDIC, gray code, sensible functions of flip-flops, linear and shaft encoders, reminiscence parts and FPGAs. The part on fault-finding has been increased. a brand new bankruptcy is devoted to the interface among electronic parts and analog voltages.
*A hugely available, complete and completely modern electronic structures text
*A popular and revered textual content now made over for present courses
*Part of the Newnes suite of texts for HND/1st 12 months modules

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11. The inversion circle at the output of the gate is widely used in logic circuits to indicate the inversion of a Boolean variable. 12, a double inversion takes place and the output of the second inverter is the same as the input A to the first inverter. 13. In the switch contact, circuit a + in the equation is interpreted as a pair of parallel branches whilst a 9 is interpreted as a series connection. Normally closed switch contacts are identified by a bar over the switch variable. 12 The Boolean theorems In the field of Logic Design it is the function of the designer to develop a Boolean expression which describes the required circuit performance.

It is a 7-bit code which provides 128 different characters, including upper-case alphabet, lower-case alphabet, decimal digits, punctuation symbols, and control characters. An eighth parity bit can also be used with the code to provide protection against errors. Information other than data is carried by the control characters. For example STX (start of text) and ETX (end of text) are used to define the limits of a block of data and EOT defines the end of transmission. 17(a) where the more compact form of the hexadecimal code has been used.

18. 19. The proof of Shannon's theorem by induction for the variable A~ requires the substitution of the two possible values of A~, 0 and 1, into either of the two forms of the theorem appearing in the tabulation. For A 1 - 1 in the first form of the theorem f(1,Az, A3,. An) - l f(1,Az, A3,. An) + Of(O, A2, A3,. An) 38 Digital logic design De Morgan's [ A1 + A2 + A3 . . An= A,1"/]2"/]3... J]n theorem A,'A2"A3"'" An = '~, +/]2 + ~3"'" '~n Expansion [ f(A1, A2, A3""An)=Alf(1, A 2, A3,'"An)+ ~lf(O, A2, A3,'"An) theorem f(A 1, A 2, A3...

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