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By Lawrence M. Ward

Dynamical Cognitive technology makes on hand to the cognitive technological know-how neighborhood the analytical instruments and methods of dynamical structures technology, including the variables of swap and time to the research of human cognition. The unifying subject is that human habit is an "unfolding in time" whose research may be augmented by way of the applying of time-sensitive instruments from disciplines akin to physics, arithmetic, and economics, the place switch through the years is of imperative value.

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Fraser's view reminds us that eotemporal interval should not be taken to be the only property of time relevant to dynamical cognitive science. The directionality of biotemporal and nootemporal time can even help us 30 Chapter 4 unravel the temporal complexities of cognitive behavior (see ®g. 2 and chap. 5), and the existence of di¨erent time scales informs the frequency structure of temporally distributed ¯uctuations (chaps. 14±19). 3 Measuring Time In spite of (or perhaps in reaction to) Feynman's statement in the second epigraph above, I have de®ned time in some detail, although, at least until dynamical cognitive science is more advanced, we must be content with a series of observations made at a series of moments of eotemporal clock time, on which we must impose somewhat arti®cially the directionality of nootemporal or biotemporal time.

Spatial symmetry means that V has only cosine functions because cos…x† ˆ cos…Àx†. Because we want the simplest model that just does the job, we need only the ®rst two terms in the series: V …f† ˆ Àa cos f À b cos 2fY …3X1† the equation for the HKB model of coordination. 1 for various values of baa, which is interpreted as related to rate of tapping, f , by baa ˆ kaf , where k is a constant. Large values of baa correspond to slow tapping, and the smaller the value of baa, the faster the tapping.

1 for various values of baa, which is interpreted as related to rate of tapping, f , by baa ˆ kaf , where k is a constant. Large values of baa correspond to slow tapping, and the smaller the value of baa, the faster the tapping. Finally, for any value of a, if b ˆ 0, baa ˆ 0, and tapping is the fastest it can be ( f approaches in®nity). When this happens, V …f† ˆ Àa cos f, as shown in the bottom right-hand graph. , gravity). When the ball is in a valley, it cannot get out unless energy is exerted to raise it above one of the adjacent hills (a ``potential barrier''), which represents a stable state of the system (black ball).

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