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Imperialists are flat characters simply because they do not change or develop and they are identified by Forster’s well-known remarkable phrase of the ‘undeveloped heart’. They are certain of what they stand for and have no intention of changing their status. Let us look, for example, at Ronny, whose character is that of a typical imperialist. In India he undertakes the imperialist mission with loyalty and extreme confidence. Whenever there is an occasion to bridge the gulf between the English and Indians, Ronny spares no effort to spoil it instead, even when he knows that such conduct offends the two people closest to him: Adela and Mrs Moore, as happens when he snubs Aziz at Fielding’s house.

To believe in the Last Judgment. ’ (AS, xxviii) In the ‘Supplementary Material’ of Arctic Summer Elizabeth Heine further digs up some background material (to be discussed later), which adds little or no significance to what the fragment particularly implies. One wonders why ‘Hassan in England’, in comparison with other pieces in the collection, does not receive the attention it certainly deserves. For example, Elizabeth Heine rightly discusses in 23 24 E. M. Forster and the Politics of Imperialism the Editor’s Note Forster’s experimental achievement in fiction as related to ‘Nottingham Lane’ and its bearing on The Longest Journey.

The Army subaltern is a bully and a boor who calls Fielding a ‘swine’ when he alone courageously defends Aziz. (Meyers 1973: 30) To demonstrate his view of Kipling’s character as the embodiment of imperialism – the same as the officials in A Passaga to India, Meyers turns to Kim. He sees Kim mainly as a spy who betrays the India he once loved. It is true that Kim is quite vulnerable to such criticism, 22 E. M. Forster and the Politics of Imperialism and that a convincing picture of the novel and its protagonist as an expression of imperialism can be easily solicited.

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