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By Fred Skolnik

Long ago thirty-five years the Encyclopaedia Judaica has come to occupy a rarefied house on the planet of Jewish studying. Authoritative, accomplished, critical but obtainable, it graced the library cabinets of students and rabbis, of the realized and the studious, or even of the would-be studious, consulted through the curious and the inquisitive, a huge place to begin for a trip of studying.

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While working toward his degree, Bogen taught English in the Baron de Hirsch Trade School, and in 1896 accepted a teaching appointment at the Hebrew Technical Institute, the Educational Alliance. Objecting to the school’s “pure Americanism” emphasis, Bogen left and became prinENCYCLOPAEDIA JUDAICA, Second Edition, Volume 4 cipal of the Baron de Hirsch Agricultural School in Woodbine, New Jersey (1900). He believed he had discovered his mission: “the feet of Jewish youth were to be turned toward a new destiny, leaving behind the peddler’s packs and the sweatshops and the slums of their fathers,” he wrote in his autobiography.

Sir Walter’s initial research on theoretical genetics moved to biological issues and especially to disease susceptibility. He and his wife, JULIA (1934– ), made major contributions to understanding the human system of tissue markers known as the HLA system. He was an early advocate of applying DNA technology to detecting disease susceptibility. Subsequently he used gene mutations to detect those at risk from bowel cancer. He continued to work on biological aspects of population genetics. Sir Walter made vital contributions to international collaboration in studying genetics and to the human genome project, aims furthered by his term as president of the Human Genome Organization (HUGO) (1990–92).

By R. Patai, 5 vols. (1960), index; S. Ben-Horin, Ḥ amishim Shenot Ẓ iyyonut, Max Bodenheimer (1946); H. Bodenheimer, Herzl Yearbook, 6 (1964–65), 153–81; R. Lichtheim, Die Geschichte des deutschen Zionismus (1954), index. [Alexander Bein] Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in 1939 as a research fellow in anatomy. The following year, Bodian was an assistant professor of anatomy at Western Reserve University School of Medicine. He returned to Johns Hopkins in 1942 as a lecturer in anatomy in the school of medicine and assistant professor of epidemiology in the school of public health.

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