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By Jiaju Zhou, Guirong Xie, Xinjian Yan

This set of six volumes presents a scientific and standardized description of 23,033 chemical parts remoted from 6,926 medicinal vegetation, accumulated from 5,535 books/articles released in chinese language and overseas journals. A chemical constitution with stereo-chemistry bonds is equipped for every chemical part, as well as traditional details, akin to chinese language and English names, actual and chemical houses. It encompasses a identify checklist of medicinal vegetation from which the chemical part was once remoted. additionally, plentiful pharmacological facts for almost 8,000 chemical parts are provided, together with experimental process, experimental animal, telephone variety, quantitative facts, in addition to keep an eye on compound facts. The seven indexes enable for whole cross-indexing. Regardless no matter if one searches for the molecular formulation of a compound, the pharmacological task of a compound, or the English identify of a plant, the data within the ebook should be retrieved in a number of ways.

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MQc80-3 MRC-5 hmn lymphoma (cell). mononuclear cells. gastric adenocarcinoma (cell). hmn diploid embryonic cells. xxxi MS301 mus breast cancer (cell). SF268 hmn brain tumor (cell). MS310 mus breast cancer (cell). SF295 hmn brain tumor (cell). N04 hmn neuroma (cell). NCI-H1417 hmn small cell lung cancer (cell). SF539 hmn brain tumor (cell). SGC hmn gastric cancer (cell). NCI-H187 hmn small cell lung cancer (cell). SGC7901 NCI-H226 hmn non-small cell lung cancer (cell). SiHa NCI-H23 hmn lung cancer (cell).

SKBR3 hmn breast cancer (cell). NCI-H460 hmn lung cancer (cell). SKCO1 colorectal cancer (cell). NCI-H522 hmn lung cancer (cell). SK-MEL NK/LY ascites cancer (cell). NSCLC-N6 NUGC hmn non-small cell lung cancer (cell). hmn gastric cancer (cell). hmn caucasian melanoma (cell). SK-MEL-2 hmn gastric cancer (cell). SK-MES-1 NUGC-4 hmn gastric cancer (cell). SK-OV-3 ovarian adenocarcinoma (cell). hmn melanoma (cell). SK-MEL-5 NUGC-3 OVCAR-2780 hmn melanoma (cell). SK-MEL-28 hmn melanoma (cell). bronchogenic carcinoma cell.

65). 283~284ºC. 5º (ethanol); anti-electroshock; cardiac glycoside; cytotoxic (hmn epidermoid carcinoma mp 153~157ºC. 85μmol/kg. 09mg/kg. Source: BO NIANG HAO Descurainia sophia, TIE KUAI ZI Helleborus thibetanus, XIANG TIE KUAI ZI Helleborus CHANG SHUO HUANG MA Corchorus olitorius, GUI ZHU TANG JIE odorus, MA TI YE Caltha palustris. Ref: 5, 658, 660. Erysimum cheiranthoides, HUAN YANG SHEN YE TANG JIE Erysimum crepidifolium, HUANG BAI TANG JIE Erysimum ochroleucum, HUANG O MA YE Corchorus capsularis, HUANG MA ZI Corchorus capsularis, O TANG JIE Erysimum diffusum, KANG PI DU MAO XUAN HUA Strophanthus kombe.

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