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By Roger W. Barnes, R. Theodore Bergman, Henry L. Hadley (auth.)

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5 Fr. washing the field of vision, None boilable, fixed catheter deflector, ex- 135 0 forward amining, single catheterizing and operating , I I I ---------------1--------1---- Infants' cystoscopy while System washing the field of vision, Zeiss-Kollmorgen-Heynemann None fixed catheter deflector, ex- 1350 forward amining, single catheterizing and operating I No. 11 Fr. 4 Fr. Heynemann -----1---------------1---- -- - ---. Anterior and posterior urethroSystem No. 19,5 or 22 Fr. 5 Fr. 5Fr. 5 Fr. I - - - - - 1 - - - - - - - - -----1------'--No.

22 or 17 Fr. 5 Fr. 23,50r20Fr. 5Fr. Heynemann Endoscopic armamentarium 10 Table 1. ) StrahlCystoscope Optical system and telescope others available standard equipment Sheath size, catheter capacity, type, attachments Manufacturer and/or distributor· Routine cystoscopy and System No. 24 or 20 Fr. Heyneposterior urethroscopy, while Zeiss-Kollmorgen-Heynemann mann boilable washing the field of vision, Panor (panorama, I-No. 8 Fr. boilable, prograde and fixed catheter deflector, ex- 1350 forward amining, single catheterizing retrograde) and operating System Childrens' cystoscopy and No.

The inside of sheaths is wiped by pushing pledgets of cotton through them with a cleaning rod Light failure 29 which is supplied with the instrument. The window covering the light bulb at the end of the sheath is easily broken by the rod unless care is used; the rod must not be rapidly pushed through the sheath. n. Minor repairs and adjustments These can be made by the urologist or an assistant. 1. Light failure This often requires correction. When it occurs, the light cord connection is changed to the light post of a different telescope or sheath.

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