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4 One-port representation of a free-running oscillator. 5 Schematic representation of a transistor-based oscillator. A one-port description is used for the block, consisting of the transistor, its termination at port 1, and the feedback elements. the transistor often requires an additional parallel or series feedback network to exhibit negative resistance about the oscillation frequency that is desired [15]. The transistor is loaded with an impedance ZL containing the resistive load from which the oscillation output power is extracted.

4 V. When representing YT (V , fo ) and YT (Vo , f ) in the plane defined by Re[YT ] and Im[YT ], Fig. 11 is obtained. The solid-line curve corresponds to the function YT (V , fo ). The dashed-line curve corresponds to the function YT (Vo , f ). 10 FET-based oscillator. Determination of the derivatives Re[∂YT /∂fo ] and Im[∂YT /∂fo ] about the free-running oscillation point Vo , fo using a voltage auxiliary generator. 11 Representation of the curves YT (V , fo ) and YT (Vo , f ) on the plane defined by Re[YT ] and Im[YT ].

It is possible to reduce the influence of the nonlinear block on the resonance frequency by adding a series capacitance Cs (not represented in the circuit schematic), such that the resonance frequency is determined primarily by the linear load circuit. Provided that Cs is small enough, the total capacitance (including the one at the output of the nonlinear block Cout ) will be CT = Cs Cout /(Cs + Cout ) ∼ = Cs , much smaller than the original value Cout . Because Ls = 1/(Cs ω2o ) to maintain the same resonance frequency, the quality factor Q of the series load resonator must increase significantly, giving a high value for the derivative ∂YTi (ωo )/∂ω.

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