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This quantity specializes in an initiative, initially introduced by means of the ecu Union in Barcelona, to place its kin with Arab international locations of the Mediterranean (and Gulf) areas on a brand new footing of equality and collectively valuable cooperation. the amount presents a close empirical account of the initiative in addition to an traditionally contextualized, intellectually severe and politically perceptive research of many of the realities impacting in this initiative. one of the hindrances pointed out are the overriding and economically unfavourable influence of globalized capitalism, and the choice of the us to impose its personal hegemonic political targets at the center japanese quarter.

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On the contrary, it contributes to its dilution in the new shallow illusion: that of the Islamic Nation (al Umma al Islamiyya). This page of history is turned. The Arab world no longer has its own project, neither in the local states nor in that of the entire Pan-Arab entity. This is the reason why the projects thought up for it by external agents (the United States and Europe) seem able to impose their programme. This does not mean that the objective need for a complex alternative conceived at both national and Pan-Arab levels has disappeared from people’s minds.

But for how long? The ‘third sector’ of the social reality This section focuses again on one of the terms circulated by the dominant modes of the contemporary discourse. Like all these expressions – for which synonyms are substituted interchangeably, such as ‘civil society’, among others – this term is vague and ambiguous, as it refers to aspects of reality that are by no means new, but also to new ones, without any attempt to distinguish between them. Everybody knows more or less the meaning of state or state  |    power from which all the institutions can be identified.

Creating a global front in support of the Palestinian people fighting against apartheid is not only a moral duty but also an important dimension of a strategy for effective war against capitalist dictatorship;            |  it also constitutes a real contribution in support of the Arab peoples’ struggle for democracy and social progress. Pan-Arabism is both a reality and a positive phenomenon. Given the cultural destruction and other effects of the globalization process, as it is, if the French-speaking community, the Portuguese-speaking community and the spirit of the Latin American family are frameworks for legitimate resistance (and they are, in my opinion), then what is the basis for sniggering at Pan-Africanism or Pan-Arabism?

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