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J. (2009b) ‘ “No reconciliation without redress”: Articulating political demands in post-transitional South Africa’, Critical Discourse Studies, 6 (4), 311–21. Ottaway, M. and Choucair-Vizoso, J. : Carnegie Endowment for International Peace). Owen, D. (2006) ‘Perfectionism, Parrhesia and the Care of the Self: Foucault and Cavell on Ethics and Politics’, in A. ) The Claim to Community. Essays on Stanley Cavell and Political Philosophy (Stanford, California: Stanford University Press). Pace, M. (2009) Liberal or Social Democracy?

Genuine democratization practices should thus not aim at overcoming of heterogeneity of demands and us/them dichotomies, but help to establish them in such a way that they are compatible with pluralist democracy (Mouffe, 2000b, p. 101). In other words, and in line with ‘agonistic pluralism’, democratization politics should target transforming antagonism to agonism and enemies to adversaries (Mouffe, 2000b, p. 103). Mouffe reminds us that such a form of democratization requires providing channels through which collective passions can express themselves because ‘the prime task of democratic politics is not to eliminate passions from the sphere of the public, in order to render a rational consensus possible, but to mobilize those passions towards democratic designs’ (Mouffe, 2000b, p.

Second, this leads to a focus on another crucial point that is entirely neglected by EU officials, namely, the possible contribution of the stubborn opponents of EU institutions inside Europe in supporting democracy in Egypt. If EU officials are to embark on a radical aspect change – considering the EU not necessarily as a democratic actor – they may endorse the very fact that the project of the EU itself is contested at home. This endorsement may change the whole profile of the EU’s policies towards a more democratic character.

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