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S together at points 1 and 2, 3 and 4, and 7 and 8. In this set-up, the circuit is activated when switch S1 opens. s). Attach the battery clip to the main supply solder pins, taking careful note of polarity. 3. In this arrangement the alarm is also triggered when reed switch S1 opens. l. sockets, being careful to observe the correct orientation, as well as taking the usual anti-static precautions when handling CMOS devices (touch your body to earth immediately before handling). s, the entire Gate Alarm may be encapsulated in epoxy resin, thus making it virtually immune to weather conditions or abuse.

S efficiently. Evolution In the 1980’s integrated circuits evolved that enabled us to do clever things with newfangled light-emitting diodes. d. d, has long been discontinued (and the writer treats his meagre stock of them like gold). l. package and found all sorts of uses. d. controller devices tend to be surface mount types, but this should not deter hobbyists from trying their hand with them, using a fine tip iron. s are classed as static-sensitive and require suitable handling precautions, to prevent the sensitive chips from being zapped by an electrostatic discharge (ESD).

Capacitor C5 thus discharges through R8, causing input pin 12 to now go low, which in turn causes output pin 11 to go high. This sets up an oscillation tone in piezo sounder WD1. The pitch of the oscillator may be adjusted by means of R8 and C5. Since piezo sounders have a resonant frequency, volume will be loudest at the resonant frequency, typically 3kHz to 4kHz. Oscillator IC2d is further gated by means of input pin 13. This means that it may be switched on and off by pin 13. Oscillator Baffle callers to your home with this low-cost, easy-build, delayed action versatile alarm F ROM time-to-time, the author has placed electronic designs in the public domain.

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