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However , complicating matters further, the SIT appears to alter its 10 /Vos relationship as we move from the low-current to the high-current state. ,. 1! 1 ::: at 1 0 ::: constant ( 4. 11) -12 +J c Q) L. L. -14 -16 ::;, Obse rvation of the SIT output characteristics (Figure 2. 7) shows that the curves are similar, only displaced from one another. This is partly because the drain current depends on both Vas and Vos, as we see in the following equation: (_) Drain-Source Voltage (V) ( 4. 12) Figure 4.

Every effort is u s u ally t aken to reduce the latter and enhance the former, often by the simple expedient of tying the substrate to the source. There are several variables to optimize MOS transconductance, evident in Eq. 10 : ( 4. 10) C 0 x = gate oxide capacitance per unit area ll n = electron mobility in the n-region W = width of the channel L = drain-source separation (channel length) SIT Because the static-induction transi s tor does not f ollow the classic Shockley equation ( Eq. 2. 2), a clear u nderstanding of its transconductance is difficult.

1) To measure In at the normal operating drain voltage would necessitate a pulsed test to avoid exceeding the dissipation of the transistor. Pulsed Drain Current Zer o-b iased Drain Current For a depletion - mode FET, this term identifies the saturated drain current . For an enhancement-mode MOSFET, the ter m identifies the leakage current. IG Operating Gate Current (of a JFET) Not to be confused with lass (see next definition), where the JFET is not operational. This parameter depends on Vna (not Vns> and In, as well as, of course, the polarity of the gate voltage V GS.

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