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A overwhelming majority of disasters emanate from tension concentrators corresponding to geometrical discontinuities. The position of rigidity focus used to be first highlighted through Inglis (1912) who offers a pressure focus issue for an elliptical illness, and later by way of Neuber (1936). With the development in computing, it really is now attainable to compute the genuine pressure distribution at a notch tip. This distribution isn't easy, yet appears like pseudo-singularity as in precept the ability dependence with distance is still. This distribution is ruled via the notch tension depth issue that is the foundation of Notch Fracture Mechanics. Notch Fracture Mechanics is linked to the volumetric technique which postulates that fracture calls for a actual quantity. on account that fatigue additionally wishes a actual approach quantity, Notch Fracture Mechanics can simply be prolonged to fatigue emanating from a pressure concentration.

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H V « max max  max . « V g . ¨  2 n  1 ¹¼ © ¬ ª 1 ·º §1 ¸» , « V max . H max . 55) ] = 1 and we found again the Neuber’s rule. 56) E k t 1 E 1  k t  1 . s , E where Es is the secant modulus defined by: or kV V max . H max Es The elastoplastic strain concentration factor is given: Es , kH kH . 4 2 Es §E · §E ·  k t  1 2 ¨ s ¸  2 k t  1 ¨ s ¸ . 7] In Koe’s method the basic relationship between the elastic, the elastoplastic stress concentration factor and the elastoplastic strain concentration factor is given by : G PLUVINAGE 52 § k t 1 · § k t 1 · ¨ ¸ ¨ ¸ ¨ k  1 ¸  1 2,4¨ k  1 ¸ .

John Wiley and Sons. 14 Xu. R. , Thompson. , Topper. T. , (1995). ‘Practical stress expressions for stress concentration regions’. Fatigue and Fracture of Engineering Materials and Structures, Vol. 18, N° 718, pp 885~895. 15 Lin K. , Pin. , (1980). ‘Singular finite elements for the fracture analysis of V notched plates’. International Journal for Numerical Methods in Engineering, Vol. 15, pp 1343~1354. 16 Angot. , Pluvinage. ’Local strain fracture criterion for notched specimens’. 3~14. 1 GROSS STRESS AND NET STRESS The presence at the notch tip of a maximum stress Vmax has been previously mentioned.

10. The field BCB consists of a logarithmic slip line field of length b*. The field CAA is a constant stress field. 43) V rr 2k ln¨¨ ¸¸ . 10: Slip lines stress field for notch specimen subjected to a bending moment. rdr . 45)  b* U ,[ 1 b U . 46) 31 FRACTURE AND FATIGUE EMANATING FROM STRESS CONCENTRATORS ML M *L 2 2 2 º ª  « 9  [ 1  9  2 [ 1  7 9 2  8 [ 1». 12] ANALYSIS Wilshaw et al has combined Hill’s solution with the elastic stress distribution for a notched beam subjected to a bending moment M.

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