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Poor healing, infection, and negative reactions to the anesthesia are also risks associated with facelift surgery. Normal results Some swelling and bruising is normal following facelift surgery. After these disappear, the patient should see a noticeable improvement in the contour of the face and neck. Most individuals who have facelift surgery find that they are satisfied with the results. Over time, the skin on the neck and face will begin to sag again as normal aging continues. The individual G AL E E NC Y CL O P ED I A O F M E DI C IN E 4 T H ED ITION (c) 2011 Cengage Learning.

In about one-third of these extreme cases, mental development remains below normal and roughly half will continue to have psychosocial and eating problems throughout life. When failure to thrive is identified and corrected early, most children catch up to their peers and remain healthy and well-developed. Prevention Initial failure to thrive caused by physical defects cannot be prevented but can often be corrected before they become a danger to the child. Maternal education and emotional and economic support systems all help to prevent failure to thrive in those cases where no physical deformity exists.

The same procedure is repeated on the other side of the face. The surgeon will then separate the skin from the tissue, remove fat deposits over the cheeks and neck, tighten up muscles and tissues below the chin and upwards behind the neck. The surgeon will then trim excess skin from the original incision, pull the skin back, and suture it into place. (Illustration by Electronic Illustrators Group. ) that can be achieved, and discuss the potential risks and benefits of the procedure. Having realistic expectations is important in any cosmetic procedure.

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