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Introduction a la Topologie

Ce cours de topologie a été dispensé en licence à l'Université de Rennes 1 de 1999 à 2002. Toutes les constructions permettant de parler de limite et de continuité sont d'abord dégagées, puis l'utilité de los angeles compacité pour ramener des problèmes de complexité infinie à l'étude d'un nombre fini de cas est explicitée.

Spaces of Constant Curvature

This booklet is the 6th variation of the vintage areas of continuing Curvature, first released in 1967, with the former (fifth) version released in 1984. It illustrates the excessive measure of interaction among staff thought and geometry. The reader will enjoy the very concise remedies of riemannian and pseudo-riemannian manifolds and their curvatures, of the illustration conception of finite teams, and of symptoms of modern growth in discrete subgroups of Lie teams.

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Furthermore, L is a complete lattice if every subset of L has a supremum and an infimum. We say that x is way below y and write x y if y ≤ ∨D for every directed set D implies x ≤ z for some z ∈ D. e. for each x ∈ L, the set {y ∈ L : y x} is directed with supremum x. A set U ⊂ L is called Scott open if U is an upper set, that is ↑ x = {y ∈ L : x ≤ y} ⊂ U for all x ∈ U , and if x ∈ U implies the existence of some y ∈ U with y x. The collection of all Scott open sets is a topology on L which is denoted by Scott(L).

It should be noted that a bounded random closed set X in a Polish space is not always Hausdorff approximable, even if the realisations of X are almost surely convex. 12 (Non-approximable random closed sets). Consider the probability space Ω = [0, 1] with the Lebesgue σ -algebra and the Lebesgue measure P. (i) Let E be the Banach space of real-valued continuous functions on [0, 1] with the uniform norm. Define a multifunction with closed convex values as X (ω) = {x ∈ E : x ≤ 1 , x(ω) = 0} for ω ∈ Ω.

Ii) Let E = 2 be the space of square-summable sequences. For each ω ∈ Ω = −n with ω equal 0 or 1. Let [0, 1] take its binary expansion ω = ∞ n n=1 ωn 2 X (ω) = {x ∈ 2 : x ≤ 1 , x n = 0 for ωn = 0, n ≥ 1} . Then X is not Hausdorff approximable, since ρH (X (ω), X (ω )) = 1 for ω = ω . 2 Selections of random closed sets Fundamental selection theorem Recall that S(X) denotes the family of all (measurable) selections of X. 3) implies the following existence theorem for selections. 13 (Fundamental selection theorem).

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