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See Highland tinamous Bonasa bonasia. See Hazel grouse Bonasa sewerzowi. See Chinese grouse Bonasa umbellus. See Ruffed grouse Bonefishes, 4:11, 4:249–253, 4:250 Bonellia spp. See Spoon worms Bonellia viridis. See Green bonellias Bonellidae, 2:103, 2:104 Bones, 12:41 bats, 12:58–59 growth of, 12:10 See also Physical characteristics Bongos, 15:138, 15:141, 16:4, 16:5, 16:11 Bonin Island honeyeaters. See Bonin whiteeyes Bonin siskins, 11:324 Bonin white-eyes, 11:227, 11:235 Bonitos, 5:406, 5:407 Bonn Convention for the Conservation of Migratory Animals Brazilian free-tailed bats, 13:493 free-tailed bats, 13:487 Bonnet macaques, 14:194 Bonnethead sharks, 4:115, 4:117, 4:127–128 Bonobos, 14:236, 14:239–240 behavior, 14:228, 14:231–232 conservation status, 14:235 distribution, 14:227 evolution, 12:33, 14:225 feeding ecology, 14:232–233 habitats, 14:227 humans and, 14:235 language, 12:162 physical characteristics, 14:226–227 reproduction, 14:235 taxonomy, 14:225 Bonteboks, 16:27, 16:29, 16:34, 16:35, 16:39–40 Bony fishes.

See Ganges and Indus dolphins Blind scolopenders, 2:357, 2:358 Blind sharks, 4:105 Blind swamp cave eels, 5:151, 5:152 Blind tree mice. See Malabar spiny dormice Blindskinks, 7:271–272 Blindsnakes, 7:379–385, 7:380, 7:381 early, 7:198, 7:201, 7:202, 7:369–372 false, 7:387–388 skulls of, 7:201 slender, 7:371, 7:373–377 spotted, 7:197 taxonomy, 7:198 Blister beetles, 3:81, 3:316, 3:320 Blood, crocodilian, 7:161 Blood-feeding leeches, 2:75, 2:76 See also Medicinal leeches; Tiger leeches Blood-feeding pests, 3:76 Blood flukes, 1:198, 1:199 See also Human blood flukes Blood platelets, 12:8 See also Physical characteristics Blood pythons, 7:423, 7:426–427 Blood-sucking flies, 3:20 Bloodsuckers.

See Asian cockroaches Blattella beybienkoi. See Asian cockroaches Blattella germanica. See German cockroaches Blattella vaga, 3:149 Blattellidae, 3:147, 3:149 Blattidae, 3:149 Blattodea. See Cockroaches Blattoidea, 3:147 Blaxter, K. , 15:145 Bleached earless lizards. See Common lesser earless lizards Bleda canicapilla. , 5:427 Blennies, 4:47, 4:48, 4:50, 4:67, 5:341–348, 5:344 Blenniidae. See Blennies Blennioidei. See Blennies Blepharicerini, 3:54 Blesboks, 16:27, 16:29, 16:33, 16:35, 16:39–40 Blind cave characins.

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