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The British merely liberated some prisoners in the face of ineffectual and even half-hearted protests by a far weaker state; the North Koreans seized an American naval vessel in international waters, stopped American seaborne espionage against their country26 and used the hostages they had taken to extract significant and humiliating concessions from a Super-Power. Acceptance of this view, however, demands an answer to one obvious question. If the efficacity of gunboat diplomacy had not merely survived, but increased, why was the strongest naval power in the world unable to use this expedient against North Korea?

Canadian and United States governments for the assumption of authority over St Pierre and Miquelon and. when this was refused by the United States DEFINITION 35 Government, proceeded clandestinely to assemble a naval force capable of seizing the islands before American opposition could take a more concrete or effective form. 4 To establish an act of force as an instance of gunboat diplomacy. therefore. one minimum qualification is that this should have occurred in the furtherance of a dispute between different nationstates.

When the cruiser AURORA trained her guns on the Winter Palace2 the political consequences were momentous and enduring, but this was a revolutionary act, not an exercise of gunboat diplomacy, which is the exclusive prerogative of those already in effective control of the state. S. S. RAMILLIES in 19263 - is equally beyond the scope of the present work. Gunboat diplomacy is something that governments do to foreigners. 33 34 GUNBOAT DIPLOMACY This is a proposition which must be interpreted with some care and with more regard to the realities of a situation than its appearances.

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