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By Edmund Crispin

Oxford don and part-time detective Gervase Fen is within the city of Tolnbridge the place he's fortunately bounding round with a butterfly internet till the cathedral organist is murdered, giving Fen the opportunity to play sleuth. monitoring down the perpetrator pleases Fen immensely. in basic terms the reader can have a greater time.

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I wonder if you’d mind my coming with you to Tolnbridge? I’m sick of the store. ” “No, they won’t have me. I volunteered last November, but they graded me four. V. racket, but blast it all—” “You look healthy enough,” said Geoffrey. “So I am. Nothing wrong with me except shaky eye-sight. ” “No. ” Fielding ignored this. ” He mopped his brow again, looking the reverse of romantic. “I tried to join the Secret Service, but it was no good. You can’t join the Secret Service in this country. ” And he slapped his hands together to indicate some platonic idea of facility.

The crowds, turgid, stormy, and densely-packed, appeared more likely to clamber on to the backs of the trains, like children piling on to a donkey at the seaside than merely to board them in the normal way. The locomotives panted and groaned like expiring hedgehogs prematurely overrun by hordes of predatory ants; any attempt at departure, one felt, must infallibly crush and dissipate these insects in their thousands—it would be impossible for them to disentangle themselves from the buffers and connecting-rods in time.

The baby began to bellow again. ” The intruder ignored her. He produced a Mirror and Herald, and, after slapping the former down on his knee, opened the latter at full spread, so that his elbows waved within an inch of the noses of those on either side. The woman with the rug, after her first sortie, had recognised defeat in the monotonous stream of blasphemy and become silent. Geoffrey, Fielding and the clergyman, afflicted by a bourgeois terror of offending this unruly manifestation of the lower classes, sat impotent and disapproving.

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