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By A. Morecki, K.J. Waldron

This e-book covers the state of the art in either organic and synthetic legged locomotion platforms. The seven chapters specialise in themes starting from very special modelling of the musculo-skeletal process, via mathematical modelling and simulation to theories acceptable to locomotion mechanics and keep an eye on. the ultimate chapters take care of the mechanics, regulate and layout of man-made legged locomotion systems.

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Hydraulic Actuation 1. Linear actuator with direct drive, tendon drive or compliant tendon. 2. Rotary actuator with direct drive, tendon drive or compliant tendon. Advantages include the highest force/weight ratio available. There is no need for speed reducers, hydraulic actuation is suitable for heavy-duty applications. Disadvantages include the potential for fluid leakage, difficult maintenance, and usually a bulky power supply. C. Pneumatic Actuation 1. Linear actuator with direct drive, or tendon drive.

This way of moving is possible under an assumption that the machine moves slowly (the speed of motion does not exceed 5 km/h) and the rate of change of velocity is not rapid. Such a motion is easy to execute, such that most of the currently constructed machines are of the static walker type. 35), the next task was to find the gait (a fixed sequence ofleg transfers) that would assure the static stability of the device. 34. Structure of the animal's legs G- centre of gravity of the body, T 1, T2 - major muscles driving the leg.

In case the total structural weight of a limb and the associated actuators becomes less than the anthropomorphic weight of the limb, extra weight can be added to the limb to compensate for the difference. It is not easy to quantify the departure of the robot dynamic model from the human model as caused by the heavier actuators. In order for us to gain some insight into human locomotion from experiments performed on an electro-mechanical simulacrum we should be able to quantify or estimate the expected departure of the dynamic behaviour of the machine from that of a perfect human-like model.

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