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By Amaresh Chakrabarti

This e-book showcases over 60 state of the art learn papers from the fifth foreign convention on study into layout – the biggest in India during this region – written by means of eminent researchers from internationally on layout technique, applied sciences, equipment and instruments, and their impression on innovation, for assisting layout throughout limitations. The exact good points of the ebook are the diversity of insights into the product and process innovation approach, and the host of equipment and instruments from all significant parts of layout examine for the enhancement of the innovation technique. the most good thing about the ebook for researchers in quite a few components of layout and innovation are entry to the most recent caliber study during this quarter, with the biggest choice of examine from India. For practitioners and educators, it's publicity to an empirically demonstrated suite of theories, types, tools and instruments that may be taught and practiced for design-led innovation.

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As the last step, “evaluate”, may trigger another cycle, the generic problem driven biomimetic process can be simplified in a non-linear 8-steps process. This generic process involves tools from 4 different types, as mentioned in Table 1: Assessment/Problem identification; Abstraction; Transfer; Application. This classification is essential to assess existing tools, as comparing one tool with another from a different type does not appear as relevant. 2 Methods and Tools Supporting Biomimetic Design Methods and tools are the element which enables designers to implement biomimetic design processes.

From mimicking animals’ behaviors to hunt and survive, to Leonardo da Vinci mimicking birds’ flight to design his flying machine, biological knowledge has been a constantly investigated in order to provide new materials, processes or strategies. In our closest times, inspiration from aquatic organisms has led to at least eleven Nobel Prize rewarded medical breakthroughs [4]: Metchnikoff laid the foundation for the non-organ-specific autoimmune defense through the observation of the universality of a larvae of sea stars mechanism he will called immunity; Richet discovered the anaphylactic shock (a heightened immune response) while studying the venom of box jellyfish; O von Warburg identified the mechanism preventing two spermatozoa to penetrate the same ovum by studying sea urchins; Hodgkin and Huxley explained the transmission of nerve impulses by experimenting on squid; Kandel discovered the key elements of long term memory from Aplysia; Hunt et al.

They also provide initial push force to the deploying panel acting for a very short duration. These are also provided at hold down interfaces to provide initial push force for deployment of panels. This is represented in the mathematical model by a linearly varying force with maximum value at the start of deployment and reducing to zero (once the snubbers or ejectors loose contact). A typical snubber/ejector force variation with time is shown in Fig. 5. Fig. 4 Typical variation of harness torque Fig.

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