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The extracellular domain names of variety II IL-1R are structurally relating to these of the kind I IL-1R; although, the kind II IL-1R is a decoy receptor in that the first ligand, IL-1♀, preferentially binds to this receptor instead of the signaling receptor. As such, within the presence of accelerating expression of the kind II receptor at the mobile floor, much less IL-1 signaling happens. it is because the kind II IL-1R lacks a cytoplasmic area able to mobile sign transduction. the sort II IL-1R additionally exists in a shed shape as asoluble receptor. The soluble receptor has a excessive affinity to bind IL-1♀ over that of IL-1♂ or IL-1Ra. The soluble IL-1R style II is ultimate for scientific use since it has a excessive affinity for IL-1♀ and a low affinity for IL-1Ra.

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