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By Rachel Feldhay Brenner

Regardless of the tragic fact of the ongoing Israeli-Arab clash and deep-rooted ideals that the chasm among Israeli Jews and Israeli Arabs is unbridgeable, this e-book affirms the bonds among the 2 groups. Rachel Feldhay Brenner demonstrates that the literatures of either ethnic teams defy the ideologies that experience obstructed discussion among the 2 peoples. Brenner argues that literary critics have neglected the diversity and the dissent within the novels of either Arab and Jewish writers in Israel, giving them interpretations that include the politics of exclusion and conform with Zionist ideology. Brenner bargains insightful new readings that examine fiction by way of Jewish writers Amos oz., A.B. Yehoshua, David Grossman, and others with fiction written in Hebrew by way of such Arab-Israeli writers as Atallah Mansour, Emile Habiby, and Anton Shammas. This parallel research highlights the ethical and mental dilemmas confronted via either the Jewish victors and the Arab vanquished, and Brenner means that the desire for unlock from the ancient trauma lies-on either sides-in attaining an figuring out with and of the adversary. Drawing upon the theories of Walter Benjamin, Jacques Lacan, Sigmund Freud, Emanuel Levinas, and others, Inextricably Bonded is an leading edge and illuminating exam of literary dissent from dominant ideology.

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The center of the nation, wherein its spirit will find pure expression and develop in all its aspects to the highest degree of perfection. . [F]rom this center, the spirit of Judaism will radiate . . ”9 In contrast to the Zionist concept of severance from exilic Judaism, Ahad Ha’Am did not perceive the Zionist enterprise in Palestine as antithetical to the Diaspora. Indeed, in his 1909 essay “The Negation of the Diaspora” he reiterated that “since dispersion must remain a permanent feature in our life .

He insisted that this mission should be implemented through cooperation and dialogic interaction with the Palestinian Arab population. My discussion of Ahad Ha’Am’s and Buber’s positions has a twofold purpose. On the one hand, the analysis of their criticism of the Zionist separatist discourse both in relation to the Diaspora and to Arabs in the land provides a historical perspective on the dissenting post-Zionist trend prevalent today. On the other hand, a study of the 26 Zionism and the Discourses of Negation objections of these important Zionist thinkers to Zionist politics of separation (the subject of chapter 1) will illuminate the reasons and circumstances that engendered the separatist weltanschauung (chapter 2).

From among the plethora of revisionist studies—the so-called post-Zionist publications—two pioneering studies dealing with discourses of negation stand out. Tom Segev’s book The Seventh Million, which discusses the Zionist exploitation of the tragedy of the Holocaust, initiated a reexamination of the politics based on the doctrine of Diaspora negation. 4 In fact, the term “postZionism” often signifies the derogatory, if not hateful, attitude of establishment Zionists toward revisionist scholars.

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