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The booklet is addressed to scholars, researchers and teachers who've slightly heard of the younger technology of Biosemiotics and wish to grasp extra approximately it. It presents a hugely certified advent to this new box since it is written by way of lots of its significant members, and illustrates their most up-to-date perspectives within the history of an old account in their improvement. Biosemiotics is actually a brand new organic

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Yet so scandalous and counter-intuitive was this notion of genuine sign relations in nature – so drenched with and indistinguishable from, as it were, their singular symbolic manifestation as “mental thoughts and human words” – Descartes’ divine birthright of human intelligence – that when Darwin’s contemporary George Romanes (1848–1894) presented anecdotal evidence in support of even the possibility of animal intelligence, Edward Thorndike (1874–1949) announced that the goal of his own work would be dedicated to disprove “the despised theory that animals reason” (1898:39).

Physics] the model of nature at large was that all the talking—and all mindfulness—went on exclusively in the cultural sphere. As a result we now suffer the divided existence of the two great cultures, the humanities and the scientific-technological culture” (2002:99). Finding it intuitively unnatural to attempt an explanation of the hereditary efficacy of DNA in isolation from the DNA-organism system in which it always appears, Hoffmeyer claims that he wanted to invoke in his scientific colleagues of that time “a new kind of curiosity, a curiosity directing its attention towards, what we might call ‘the wonder of the code’ and which does not put that wonder aside by the enclosure of the codes into one or the other state space [of deterministic physics] or life-world [of pure subjective experience].

Ultimately, The Evolutionary History of Biosemiotics 23 informational, representative, and meaningful ones – so once again, we are back to having to confront the existence, in the biological world, or genuinely semiotic processes. And the refusal to cross this self-imposed Rubicon inherited from the Cartesian legacy – a refusal born out of fear, generally, that if one does engage with issues of “meaning” one has automatically “crossed over” and out of the realm of doing real science – prevents theorists like Watson and Crick and Shannon and Weaver from seeing in what way their intuitions to use the words “information” and “communication” can point both them and us to a deeper understanding of those terms, one which is neither eliminative and reductionististic, nor mystical and unfalsifiable, but utterly naturalistic through and through – if we remain open to the understanding (that our dedication to science demands of us) that all things in the natural world evolved out of that natural world and nowhere else.

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