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390); RarJawi 2 2 4 2 ( c a t . , 11, p . 1 1 ) ; (24) Kashf o l - j o l i i m , by Mubsin b . MurtadZ al-A'sam al-Najafi ( d . 12381, MSS: Gharb 110012, 1107, 1222 ( c a t . , p p . 175, 289); Gawharshid 1438, 1448 ( c a t . 377); Mar'ashi ( N o s h . 384); (25) Migbiib 01-ijtihiid, by Muhammad Ibrihim b . Bahrim Khalaj alKharaqZni ( d . aftcr 1243), MS: 'Abd al-'Avim 347-8 ( c a t . 477); (26) o l - D h o r i i ' i ' , by 'Abd al-gusayn b . Muhammad 'A17 al-A'sam al-Najafi ( d . 772); (27) K h a g i i ' i ~ b .

128111864). This resulted in a ical change in the system of S h i ' i law. 1-AngZri extended the section of u$GI 01-fiqh which dealt with the most era1 principles of law (01-ugiil ol-'omoliyyo) to a remarkable degree, rebuilt it with subtlety and precision on a firmly rational base. He t used this method to r e s t r u c t u r e t h e law, especially the section of sactions. His legal studies and his overall method were so refined and they superseded all previous methods. Wherever he has dealt with a ain subject, his discussions have supplanted all previous works on i t .

13551 of Hiishiya 'a10 '/-Makcsib ( d . 135511936) 19371, author of K . a/-Salct and the founder of the religious and academic centre in Qum ( I r a n ) (ix) p i y i ' al-Din b . Mu4ammad al-'Ariqi ( d . 136111942), author of 5hoi-(? Tobzirut 01-miito'allim71~ (x) MuQamlnad LIusayn b. ammad @asan al-IgfahZni al-Kumpini ( d . 136111942), author of tliishiyot 01-Mokiisib (xi) Abu '1-uasan b . Mubarnmad al-Mtisawi a l - I ~ f a h i n i ( d . 136511946), (xii) uusayn b . 'Ali al-TabitabZ'i al-Buriijirdi ( d .

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