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I think [political] elections will be a test and the participation of women in the past election [of 2006], even though it was less than two months of announcement, was overwhelming. Women went to vote and they were there in full force. They participated with a very short time [to prepare]. 30 Another indigenous argument for Islamic feminism is that with legitimate religious, community, and political support, Islamic feminists can pave their own road to feminism—without the help of outsiders. Interestingly, many Muslim female leaders in majority Muslim cultures do not uphold Western women as their models.

And unfortunately, women, they have small minds to accept this dirty play. I say dirty play because I don’t believe in it and I don’t satisfy [easily] . . Because when [the] time [came], and women [could] vote, and they just change[d their minds], and they agree[d]. And they [were] just touching their papers and praising so many [women’s] votes. Even from my point of view, since we finished [the elections] . . they [the Islamists] did nothing so far to prepare women to [run as candidates] . .

The second one is the organization . . They are extremely organized. I remember . . [right before the first 2006] election, twenty-ninth of June. I was working with a Liberal candidate . . My candidate was actually pretty close, he was like the third person, he would have made it. And it was on a hot summer day in Kuwait. I mean, it was scorching heat! And we were all wearing t-shirts and capri-pants and our hairs were in buns . . And we were wearing sunglasses, and we’re trying to fan ourselves—and sometimes we just couldn’t, we had to take a break from trying to get voters to our side.

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