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By Richard Bonney (auth.)

Holy conflict rules seem between Muslims in the course of the earliest manifestations of the faith. This booklet locates the beginning of Jihad and strains its evolution as an concept with the highbrow heritage of the concept that of Jihad in Islam in addition to the way it has been misapplied by means of smooth Islamic terrorists and suicide bombers.

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He added that God had ‘given evidence… that His Book is [in] Arabic’. 75:17). The Divine Revelation occurred gradually over time. There is thus a distinction to be made (though Muslims have not traditionally regarded it in this way) between the process of revelation via the medium of speech6 and the written book (mus˙af) which has been transmitted to the Muslim community by continuous testimony. This is not to claim that the Qur’ăn was ‘created’: this argument, espoused by the sectarian Mu‘tazilites, was famously opposed by A˙mad ibn Óanbal (d.

Nevertheless, the Qur’ăn declares itself to be part of an Abrahamic tradition of monotheism that deÀnes Jews, Christians and Muslims as ‘People of the Book’. The religion revealed to the Prophet Mu˙ammad was in essence the same as that which had been revealed to former prophets such as Noah (Nŗ˙), Moses (Mŗsă), Jesus (‘ĥsă), and especially Abraham (IbrăhĦm). Ultimately, God in his wisdom knew what was best for each community, and some of the laws that were revealed varied accordingly (cf. 5:48: ‘…to every one of you We have appointed a right Way and an open road.

The Prophet even forbade the use of animals as targets. So what is there left to say about the Palestinian people who have turned their children into targets? ’32 Whatever the faults of the Israeli government and its unwillingness or inability to settle with the Palestinians, there can be no excuse for such horriÀc reinterpretations or reformulations of Islăm which have no real basis in the faith. Though the chief political adviser to President Mubărăk of Egypt wrote a signiÀcant criticism of anti-semitic propaganda in January 2003, in which he counselled against conspiracy theories and recognized that the Protocols of the Elders of Zion was a fabrication,33 subsequent statements such as that of Prime Minister Mahathir Mohammed of Malaysia in October 2003, that ‘the Jews rule this world by proxy’ potentially fuel Muslim anti-semitism.

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