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By Suheil Bushrui, Joe Jenkins

Kahlil Gibran's bestselling poetic masterpiece, The Prophet, keeps to encourage thousands around the world with its undying phrases of affection and mystical longing. but Gibran's genius went a lot additional than this, to supply over twenty literary works, in either English and Arabic, in addition to over 500 artistic endeavors. Going past the various myths that encompass Gibran, this incisive biography charts his vibrant existence, to provide a desirable portrait of this amazing guy.

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Marun, St. George, and St. Anthony were palpable to the young Maronite Christian wandering in this landscape with its secret caves and mysterious grottoes. He could never forget with what reverence the prophet Isaiah had spoken of “the glory of Lebanon,”48 nor how the sunburnt girl in The Song of Songs, portrayed as of unsurpassing beauty, is attested by the author as a shepherdess from Lebanon. 49 The boy intuitively sensed the holiness of an environment that nourished and awoke within him a deep spiritual longing.

139 By an evolution that testifies to the nature of his character, Gibran’s appearance grew more commanding, more resolutely masculine and illumined as his health declined. ”141 V Writing as he was when Darwinism was at its height, Gibran’s extraordinary receptiveness to the appeal of nature may in many ways be seen as offering a positive counterpoise to the Darwinian metaphor. 143 It was Einstein who encapsulated the Western malaise as “separationdelusion,” a view echoed by Gibran when he wrote: “The heart is drunken with overmindfulness of self144 .

When he was ten years old he was climbing in the mountains with 33 KAHLIL GIBRAN: MAN AND POET a cousin when the handrail broke and the boys fell about one hundred and fifty feet onto rocks below. His cousin fractured a leg, and Kahlil broke his shoulder and suffered deep cuts to his head. His shoulder “healed crooked” – too high and too far forward – so it had to be broken again. 42 One of these people he later remembered was a local man named Selim Dahir, “a poet-physician” who had the insight to sense the boy’s thirst for knowledge and the erudition to satisfy the young inquiring mind.

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