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Lawrence Kudlow is a nationally syndicated political columnist for Creators Syndicate. this can be a number of the superior of Lawrence Kudlow from 2014

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Barry Goldwater, voted against. And after jacking up tax rates during World War I, the Democratic Woodrow Wilson administration proposed the tax cuts that came to pass under the guidance of Republican Treasury Secretary Andrew Mellon in the 1920s. Stretching back into the 19th century, it had consistently been Democrats who had been in favor of tax reductions — and Republicans who had been in favor of high rates. As generations of schoolchildren used to be taught, the tariff — the principal means of federal revenue before 1913 — was a Republican baby, while Democrats and other "populists" railed against this form of mass taxation and insisted that tariffs be reduced if not eliminated.

Hamm's roustabouts and millionaires create huge incentives to work and prosper. President Obama's health care plan creates huge incentives not to work, not to supply labor, not to work harder and not to create the opportunity for a rosier future. The former is an optimistic vision. The latter is profoundly pessimistic. This whole central-planning rigmarole called Obamacare runs counter to the great traditions and values of America. Janet Yellen's Problem February 14, 2014 Stock markets cheered Janet Yellen's maiden congressional testimony this past week, as the new Fed chair emphasized the word "continuity" and offered no boat-rocking surprises.

And no one knows what Obamacare regulatory costs are ultimately going to be. So with the economy only crawling toward recovery, the solution is not character assassination or more government collectivism. Mr. Charles Koch has it exactly right: We need more liberty and freedom to restore American values and economic prosperity. Politicians and regulators can't do it. Only hard-working and innovative people can. So let's let them do it. Yellen's Low-flation Nonsense April 12, 2014 Will somebody please explain to me how rising inflation is somehow going to extricate us from the tepid economic recovery?

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