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A Comparative Lexical Study of Quranic Arabic

This paintings doesn't target to be an etymological dictionary of Qur'anic Arabic, nor does it try and recommend a few new genetic category of the Semitic languages. really, it bargains insights into the interior lexical relationships attested in a couple of Semitic types inside of Qur'anic Arabic (seventh century AD).

Ghost Wars

Winner of the 2005 Pulitzer PrizeThe explosive first-hand account of America's mystery background in AfghanistanWith the book of Ghost Wars, Steve Coll turned not just a Pulitzer Prize winner, but in addition the specialist at the upward push of the Taliban, the emergence of Bin weighted down, and the key efforts by means of CIA officials and their brokers to trap or kill Bin encumbered in Afghanistan after 1998.

Israeli Poetry: A Contemporary Anthology

The simplest of up to date Israeli poetry is gifted the following in interesting new English translations. Poets integrated within the anthology are Amir Gilboa, Abba Kovner, Haim Gouri, Yehuda Amichai, Dan Pagis, Natan Zach, David Avidan, Dahlia Ravikovitch, Ory Bernstein, Meir Wieseltier, and Yona Wallach.

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His tone is accusatory and bitter. The disillusionment to which he gives voice is the result of a long fight that has left him somewhat skeptical of the Algerian revolution. For him, as for many who experienced the war, the struggle was far too risky, and the thought of an Algerian nation independent of France was unfathomable. Nonetheless, the doctor shows a certain familiarity with Vietnam. ” In addition, he does not gloss the term, assuming a certain degree of knowledge on the part of his reader.

14 Although Kateb sympathized with the Vietnamese rebellion and admired Ho Chi Minh, he claimed that his play should not be reduced to mere propaganda. In an interview with Hichem Ben Yaïche in 1987, Kateb reproaches those who see his play only in these terms (1994b: 173–74). 15 Moreover, Kateb wishes to emphasize mutual identification and understanding among oppressed peoples, perhaps suggesting Communism as the solution, but nonetheless turning a critical eye to it at different moments throughout the play.

1999b: 311) [From Hitler to Johnson, the distance covered clearly shows the scope of the imperialist debacle. But another Hitler, another Johnson, are always possible. Wars of aggression, pillage, corruption, racism, universal genocide, unspeakable plots, daily crimes, conspiracies and attacks, open graves and lime kilns, napalm, the dollar, prostitution and obscurantism, these are the attributes of the supposed free World, accustomed to prospering at the expense of the fellah, the coolie and the proletarian.

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