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By Beth L. Leech

"Lobbyists at Work is a must-read for an individual attracted to the intense enterprise of presidency. Leech's probing questions replicate her years of analysis monitoring the genuine influence of cash and impression on policy."  —Thomas Hale Boggs, Jr. (Chairman, Patton Boggs LLP) 

Received knowledge has it that lobbyists run the yankee executive on behalf of moneyed pursuits. yet what makes lobbyists run, and the way do they set off legislators and bureaucrats to do their bidding? those are questions for which even the cruelest critics lack pleasing answers. Lobbyists at Work explores what lobbyists quite do and why. It is going backstage and brings again in-depth interviews with fifteen political advocates selected to symbolize the breadth and variety of the lobbying profession.

The interviewees profiled during this publication variety from the head lobbyists-for-hire on the strongest ok highway companies to seasoned bono lobbyists for the disenfranchised and powerless. The roster spans all kinds of lobbyists operating for every type of consumers and trying to impression all degrees and branches of presidency. The variations contain business-lobbying-government, government-lobbying-government, government-to-business revolving door, regulatory lobbying, country and native lobbying, citizen-advocacy lobbying,single-issue lobbying, and multiple-issue lobbying. In colourful and infrequently hilarious aspect, the interviewees take the reader via their arsenals of conventional and next-generation lobbying suggestions, together with face-to-face persuasion of elected officers and their staffs, academic campaigns and coalition-building, ghost-drafting advanced laws and law for presidency committees and businesses, contributions, and social media campaigns. 

In Lobbyists at Work, the in general self-effacing matters open up approximately themselves and their career: why they selected to turn into lobbyists, what motivates them to maintain lobbying, how they domesticate their lobbying impact, how they comply with alterations within the principles affecting their lobbying tools, and what they really do at paintings every day (and night). As an expert on lobbying revered in Washington for her impartiality, Professor Beth Leech elicits frank disclosures, profession counsel, and riveting tales concerning the reliable, the undesirable, and the ambivalent on each side of the symbiotic courting among executive officers and lobbyists.

What you’ll learn

As because of the examining Lobbyists at Work, you'll learn:

  • what lobbyists rather do and to what quantity the stereotypes approximately lobbyists are warranted (if you're a basic reader)
  • expert find out how to multiply your political effect (if you're a citizen activist)
  • what sorts of lobbying jobs can be found and the way types of lobbyists spend their workdays (if you aspire to be a lobbyist)
  • how to control and construct your lobbying occupation (if you're already a lobbyist)
  1. Howard Marlowe, The Lobbyists' Lobbyist
  2. Robert Walker, Former Congressman Lobbyist
  3. Nick Allard, Patton Boggs Lobbyist
  4. Julie Stewart, Single-Issue Citizen Advocate
  5. Laura Murphy, ACLU Rights Lobbyist
  6. Lyle Dennis, Specialty Lobbyist
  7. Dale Florio, State residence Lobbyist
  8. Christina Mulvihill, Corporate Lobbyist
  9. Leslie Harris, Internet Freedom Lobbyist
  10. Mark Burnham, State collage Lobbyist
  11. Danielle Her Many Horses, Native American Gaming Lobbyist
  12. Timothy Richardson, Police officials' Lobbyist
  13. Jonathan Schleifer, Educational swap Lobbyist
  14. Faith Shapiro, ACLU Intern; Angela Guo, CAP motion Intern
  15. Craig Holman, Public Citizen Lobbyist

Who this e-book is for

Lobbyists at Work appeals to a extensive readership, including all American citizens who are alarmed by way of information assurance of the outsized role of influence-mongering on our procedure of government and are looking to dig deeper; scholars of politics, specifically in classes concentrating on curiosity teams; potential lobbyists completing their levels or already operating in politics; and the 200,000 lobbyists operating this present day within the usa.

Table of Contents

  1. Howard Marlowe, The Lobbyists' Lobbyist
  2. Robert Walker, Former Congressman Lobbyist
  3. Nick Allard, Patton Boggs Lobbyist
  4. Julie Stewart, Single-Issue Citizen Advocate
  5. Laura Murphy, ACLU Rights Lobbyist
  6. Lyle Dennis, Specialty Lobbyist
  7. Dale Florio, State condominium Lobbyist
  8. Christina Mulvihill, Corporate Lobbyist
  9. Leslie Harris, Internet Freedom Lobbyist
  10. Mark Burnham, State collage Lobbyist
  11. Danielle Her Many Horses, Native American Gaming Lobbyist
  12. Timothy Richardson, Police officials' Lobbyist
  13. Jonathan Schleifer, Educational switch Lobbyist
  14. Faith Shapiro, ACLU Intern; Angela Guo, CAP motion Intern
  15. Craig Holman, Public Citizen Lobbyist
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Example text

Leech: And that comes out of your family experience? Allard: No, it just comes out of an aversion to blood. Otherwise, I probably would have been a very good doctor. A person could look at my résumé and think that I’ve jumped around, but in reality, from high school through college, studying overseas, law school, all of my jobs, there are two constant threads. One is that what I’ve done has always been connected to law, policy, and politics. Second, while I may have had many different positions and opportunities, there has been a consistent theme in terms of the people.

Sadly, the Obama Administration didn’t follow through, but nevertheless, the whole world effort, largely inspired by what Bush did, is now moving forward at a very rapid pace, and we’re very close to having commercially produced, viable fuel for automobiles, and we were instrumental in that. As a matter of fact, many people give me credit for having convinced President Bush to put the line in the State of the Union message that highlighted what they were doing with the hydrogen program. Leech: That is a level of access that not very many lobbyists can claim to have, being able to convince the president of something.

I just knew that what I needed to do was introduce members of Congress to the kinds of people who were going to prison under 48 Chapter 4 | Julie Stewart: Single-Issue Citizen Advocate the laws that they passed. I hoped that by meeting with members of Congress and introducing them to the families of prisoners sentenced under their laws, they would say, “Oh, gee, I’m sorry—we didn’t mean to do that. ” So, my strategy was to make them face—in concrete terms—the human cost of the sentences that they had enacted.

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