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By Paul Balor

Even if you are a retired soldier, a seeker of event, or just one that desires to achieve perception into present day soldier of fortune, this handbook covers every little thing you want to comprehend: consumers and bills, easy methods to imagine the "chameleon mode," funds and survival, psywar ops, surprise struggle and vintage SOF towns. pro expert mercenary Paul Balor unearths the reports, methods of the exchange and hard-learned classes that experience saved him alive for greater than 4 many years.

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And that need, however esoteric and however unlikely you may consider your background, may be precisely what you have. Moreover, these agencies and their management form a definite subculture of their own-which in turn is closely linked to that of the pararnilitaries. It's all incestuous as hell! And if they like you but can't use you straightaway, they'll likely as not point you at somebody who can. And it won't be charity on their part. You'll owe them; they'll eventually take it out in trade.

To him, it will mean only that you've become a possible security risk. Despite the above, unstable types are just naturally drawn to this way of life. Many are seemingly hard-case characters, veterans and former professional soldiers-but even so they go to pieces in mercenary stress situations. Know thyself, merc . and don't say you haven't been warned. PART 2 Mercenary Skills-at-Arms Now you are moving into a combat mode. And once again you are confronted with this paramount problem: What product are you offering to the consumers?

You'll find yourself gunrunning to alleged freedom fighters, for instance, when you know full well you're gunrunning for straight profit. You'll find yourself trafficking in dope, allegedly to subvert officials of a government sponsoring that trafficbut you and the rest of the hands know goddamn well you're just trafficking in dope. Period. You get hired to train guerrillas to topple a friendly government. " You know what you're doing, with whom you're working-but you rationalize away the implications.

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