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The absolute configurations of C-6 and C-7 for 5 6 laureatin and isolaureatin, however, proved to have opposite chiralities from those of laurencin. -pentadecanediol (10). Chemical and biogenetic arguments were used to denote the relative stereochemistry and absolute configuration of C-9, C-10, C-l2, and C-l3 Scheme 2 49 2. Algal Nonisoprenoids (Irie et al, 1970). Since C-7 was found to be S for both laureatin and isolaureatin, it followed that C-9 in 5 was R and C-10 in 6 was S. Monodebromohexahydrolaureatin (11), obtained as shown in Scheme 3, underwent a facile E2 elimination and ring opening to an oxocinol (characterized as the acetate 12), strongly suggesting that the bromine was trans to the ether oxygen and therefore R.

A very common dinoflagellate in warm water, Noctiluca scintillans, is also said to be toxic. However, Morton and Twentyman (1971) investigated the organism and shellfish collected in H o n g Kong waters and did not find noticeable toxicity. The only reported freshwater dinoflagellate bloom from Peridinium polonicum caused an extensive fish kill. Okaichi and Hashimoto (1962) isolated a substance, glenodinine, toxic to both freshwater and marine fish. Death seems to be preceded by excitement, followed by reduction of response to stimuli.

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