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By Alan Darbyshire

This publication has been designed as a whole programme of analysis for the most well-liked mechanical engineering choice devices through scholars on Mechanical Engineering, production Engineering and Operations and upkeep BTEC nationwide certificates and nationwide degree classes. the writer has based the cloth in order that conceivable sections of textual content are complemented via in-text questions and lines akin to try out Your wisdom, Key issues and job panels, making this a terrific booklet for student-centred lecture room studying and self sufficient learn.

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2. What is the definition of an elastic material? 3. A tie bar of crosssectional area 50 mm2 carries a load of 10 kN. What is the tensile stress in the material measured in Pascals? 4. If the ultimate tensile stress at which failure occurs in a material is 550 MPa and a factor of safety of 4 is to apply, what will be the allowable working stress? 5 m has an inner diameter 50 mm and a wall thickness of 6 mm. 55 mm. Determine (a) the tensile stress in the material, (b) the factor of safety in operation if the ultimate tensile strength of the material is 350 MPa, (c) the modulus of elasticity of the material.

As the angular velocity of the input shaft increases, the masses slide outwards and eventually make contact with the drum. A further increase in speed causes the drive to be transmitted to the output shaft through friction between the masses and the drum. Let initial clearance between the masses and the drum be x. Let the initial radius of rotation from the centre of the shafts to the centre of gravity of the masses be r0. Let the diameter of the drum be D. 50 Mechanical principles Let the coefficient of friction between the drum and the masses be .

This is known as centripetal force, which means ‘centre seeking’. With a car travelling round a curve, the centripetal force is provided by friction between the tyres and the road surface, and with an orbiting satellite, it is provided by the earth’s gravitational pull. Vector change of velocity Key point Velocity is a vector quantity and if either the speed or the direction of a body changes, its velocity will change. You will recall that velocity is a vector quantity. This means that it has both magnitude and direction.

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