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By A.C.S. Peacock

The Tarikhnamah is a background of the realm and the oldest surviving paintings of Persian prose. This ebook examines it as a political and cultural rfile and why it grew to become such an influential paintings within the Islamic global.

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170. 69 Crone and Treadwell, ‘A new account of Ismailism’, p. 50. Politics, religion and culture in the late Samanid state 27 In addition to the severe chronological problems posed by account, it is incredible that an event which resulted in substantial armies being dispatched over the Sāmānid domains and is clearly of such importance could be ignored by every single other source. It is harder still to imagine that these events could unfold without the participation of the most important political figure in the Sāmānid account mentions him nowhere.

It seems that at exactly what the reaction to the end of his reign, around the time he converted, he was faced with a rebellion by his which may have been connected to his on the other hand it may son 58 accession to throne in have nothing to do with it. What is certain is that on reaction set in. appointed the scholar and 331/943, an of Bukhārā, Sulamī, as his vizier. It was an unprecedented appointment, and Sulamī turned out to be a disastrous administrator. However, as Treadwell suggests, the from the heretical main reason for appointing him had been to publicly dissociate 59 who had converted was executed activities of his father.

Translation from ibid, The Best Divisions for Knowledge of the Regions (tr. Collins), Reading: Garnet, p. 273. 117 Richter-Bernburg, ‘Linguistic ’, pp. 57–8. ), Archaeology, Annales, and Ethnohistory, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1992, pp. 80–82. Mediaeval islamic historiography and political legitimacy 36 The court and Sāmānid poetry Sāmānid poetry in Arabic and Persian only survives due to its inclusion in mediaeval literary anthologies or its citation in other works; no poet has left us an intact dīwān, at least that has been discovered so far.

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