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By Patrick H. Oosthuizen

Natural Convective warmth move from brief prone Cylinders examines a warmth move state of affairs of vital, useful significance now not effectively handled in latest textbooks or in any extensively on hand evaluate papers. in particular, the publication introduces the reader to fresh experiences of typical convection from brief cylinders fastened on a flat insulated base the place there's an “exposed” top floor. the writer considers the results of the cylinder cross-sectional form, the cylinder inclination attitude, and the length-to-cross sectional measurement of the cylinder. either numerical and experimental experiences are mentioned and correlation equations in keeping with the result of those reports are reviewed. This ebook is perfect for execs concerned with thermal administration and similar structures, researchers, and graduate scholars within the box of usual convective warmth move, teachers in graduate point classes in convective warmth transfer.

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Fig. 24 Variation of mean Nusselt number for the cylinder with Rayleigh number for various values of dimensionless cylinder width, Dh , when ϕ = 0◦ [Kalendar et al. 2 Results As discussed previously, the mean Nusselt number is dependent on the following parameters: • The Rayleigh number, Ra, based on the “height” of the heated cylinder, h, and the overall average temperature difference Twavg − TF during a test period, • The dimensionless diameter of the cylinder, Dh = D/h, • The inclination angle ϕ of the cylinder.

1 Flow situation considered (Oosthuizen 2008, ASME Paper HT2008-56025. By permission) the same uniform temperature. A numerical study of this situation based on that described by Oosthuizen (2008) will be discussed in this section. 2 Solution Procedure The flow has been assumed to be symmetrical about the two vertical center planes, CBIRSLQCB and EFOTSLMEF, shown in Fig. 2 and to be steady and laminar. It has also been assumed that the fluid properties are constant except for the density change with temperature which gives rise to the buoyancy forces, this being treated here by using the Boussinesq approach (see Chap.

The relative importance of the heat transfer rate from the horizontal top surface compared to that from the vertical side surfaces will depend both on the mean Nusselt numbers for these surfaces and the relative surface areas of these two parts of the cylinder surface. 5) where Atotal , Aside , and Atop are the surface areas of the entire cylinder, the vertical surfaces of the cylinder, and the horizontal top surface of the cylinder, it follows that: Aside 4 , = Atotal 4+W Atop W , = 4+W Atotal Atop W .

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