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1-36 Frequently, the ampere is much too large a unit for measuring current. Therefore, the MILLIAMPERE (mA), one-thousandth of an ampere, or the MICROAMPERE ( $  RQHPLOOLRQWK RI DQ ampere, is used. The device used to measure current is called an AMMETER and will be discussed in detail in a later module. Q48. Convert 350 mA to amperes. ELECTRICAL RESISTANCE It is known that the directed movement of electrons constitutes a current flow. It is also known that the electrons do not move freely through a conductor’s crystalline structure.

Thus, light energy is converted to a flow of electrons, and a usable current is developed. The cell (fig. 1-22 view B) is constructed in layers. A base plate of pure copper is coated with lightsensitive copper oxide. An extremely thin semitransparent layer of metal is placed over the copper oxide. This additional layer serves two purposes: 1. It permits the penetration of light to the copper oxide. 2. It collects the electrons emitted by the copper oxide. An externally connected wire completes the electron path, the same as in the reflector-type cell.

CARE OF MAGNETS A piece of steel that has been magnetized can lose much of its magnetism by improper handling. If it is jarred or heated, there will be a disalignment of its domains resulting in the loss of some of its effective magnetism. Had this piece of steel formed the horseshoe magnet of a meter, the meter would no longer be 1-24 operable or would give inaccurate readings. Therefore, care must be exercised when handling instruments containing magnets. Severe jarring or subjecting the instrument to high temperatures will damage the device.

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